Power Down.
Power Up.
Power Forward.

60 second meditation in three easy steps.

What do you have the whil to accomplish today? You can meditate anywhere – in your office, your car, or even the bathroom (Chip’s favourite). Wherever and whenever you need to.

- 01 - POWER DOWN Close your eyes.
Take 2 deep breaths.
Visualize a simple dot.
Float through.
- 02 - POWER UP Get serious.
Commit to something.
Set a time.
Cement it in.
- 03 - POWER FORWARD Take a breath.
Open your eyes wide.
and go.
Repeat 2-5x a day.


What's really happening while you meditate.


First, you close your eyes. They are the greatest video cameras ever invented, consuming a lot of data every hour they are open and they need a break. Stress is found in the shallow breathing that occurs when your ribcage gets tight, so we take a few deep breaths to expand it and break the ice. Then we look for and picture a dot in our minds. Sounds a little weird, but the dot is just a representation of nothing and that nothing is where we can create any future we want. Every brain works differently, and you can find your own nothing, the dot is just our favorite suggestion. Then you float. At first even 5 seconds is going to be really hard. Experienced meditators may only last for 30 seconds, but practice makes perfect. Think of this first step like a nice hot shower for your brain.


It’s only when we can find some clarity that we are most creative and priorities naturally fall into place in front of us. So setting a quantifiable commitment with a time to get the commitment done that day is like entering the data right into your subconscious computer – it’s how your Operating System works. It’s like a software upgrade you have to reboot for. Through this upgrade you can change a habit, improve your attitude, or revolutionize the world starting now. Otherwise it’s just garbage in, garbage out.


Last but not least, take another breath to lock in your goal and cement the entire process in. Breathe in through your nose to ensure the brain gets some air, and gives your OS that new fresh feeling. Make it a big one so your chest doesn’t immediately go back to feeling contracted. Open your eyes and you’re ready to go. In 60 short seconds, you can shut down your brain, restart it again, and get the same clarity and creative energy as 90 minutes of yoga, a 10K run, or 30 minutes of mind-blowing sex.

It's 60 seconds of meditation to help you calm the mind, giving you the ability to create an immediate measurable commitment to do something great, and the power to achieve it.

We Promise Nothing.
You Create Everything.

whil is the ability to make anything possible. A competitive edge we need in a world that’s getting increasingly faster, and where digital information follows us everywhere. whil is a set of tools designed to help us all hit the reset button and cope with technostress before we burnout.