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The Story of lululemon by Chip Wilson

My name is Chip Wilson. I’m 57 years old, the father of five great boys, the husband of one amazing woman and the founder of lululemon athletica.

In 1998, I started making yoga-inspired clothing in my garage in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighborhood. I was able to harness the belief, talent, hard work and integrity of a few friends, of a handful of neighbors and of the woman who would become my wife. Together we grew lululemon from a tiny store in an inconspicuous second story location to an internationally known brand that’s managed to remain true to its guiding principles. It has been the proudest achievement of my professional life so far.


And this isn’t just any book. This is an experiment in book publishing. I’ve written the first edition, and we’re releasing it on the website chapter by chapter. And now I’m crowd-sourcing with the community to make the 2nd edition and include more stories, more voices, and you! So I need your help and your tales from the early days of lululemon to make it. If you were there, I want your side of the story!

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